Please note to book with The Cyrus Place it is required that you use one of the caterers listed on this page:

Approved Catering List

These are caterers we trust, and they have demonstrated exceptional standards in providing great food and great service.


Ashlee Silva




Macy Donnell

317.288.8251 ext. 9

You are not limited to this list to provide your wedding cake.
The approved catering list is subject to change.
We do event coordinating, bar service and linen rentals in house. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into The Cyrus Place by a party other than the Venue. We reserve the right to confiscate alcohol on site and not refund your security deposit. Only persons of legal drinking age may possess, be served, or be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at The Cyrus PLace. When alcoholic beverages are served, non-alcoholic beverages and food must also be made available to guests.

The Cyrus Place has a list of preferred caterers who are familiar with the facility and our policies. If you choose to use a caterer not on this preferred caterer list, with the exception of wedding cakes, you will be charged the following:
-Events with 119 people or less will be charged a $500.00 fee
-Events with 120 people or more will be charged a $700.00 fee